ANC 3/4G Public Meeting
Monday, October 23, 2017
Chevy Chase Community Center, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
5601 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Washington, DC  20015

7:00     Adoption of Agenda

7:05     Commissioner Announcements

7:15     Community Announcements

7:20     Discussion with DPR Director Anderson and Deputy Director Masimini on DPR’s proposed reduction in Community Center hours to close at 9:00 pm instead of 10:00 pm on weekdays and possible vote on resolution

8:05     Presentation by and discussion with Jeff Marootian, Acting DDOT Director, on transportation issues in the community including (1) procedures for communicating upcoming DDOT actions to the ANC and the community, (2) the criteria that DDOT uses for deciding which sidewalks will be repaired and which will not, (3) the status of DDOT’s review of the traffic pattern changes made at the Reno Road/39th Street intersection; (4) the status of plans for sidewalks on Chestnut Street; (5) the status of plans for Oregon Avenue Reconstruction; (6) DDOT’s study of possible traffic calming or other measures in light of the changed driving patterns due to the Oregon Avenue closure, which are also affected by the Beach Drive closure; (7) the need for better signage/markings at pedestrian crossings (e.g., at Military Road and 30th Place and at Chevy Chase Circle); (8) DDOT’s review of no parking signage around Temple Sinai; (9) the status of incomplete sidewalk repairs in the 3700 block of Joselyn and 3800 block of Kanawha, and (10) the status of the Beach Drive Rehabilitation project (which is inexplicably omitted on DDOT’s FY 2018-2022 Projects List)

8:45     Presentations on grant applications

9:00     Discussion and possible vote on an application for a public space permit (DDOT Tracking # 02219726) to construct a retaining wall and curb cut at 5363 29th Street, NW

9:15     Commission Business:

  1. Minutes: September 25, 2017
  2. Checks:
  3. Adoption of ANC 3/4G’s August – October FY 2017 Quarterly Report
  4. Adoption of ANC 3/4G’s FY 2018 budget
  5. Items for the November 13 meeting may include: presentation by Alka Mysore of DC ReInvest on effort to have the District divest from its primary bank, Wells Fargo; presentation by Marcia Bernbaum, the People for Fairness Coalition, on the Downtown DC Public Restroom Initiative and Bill 22-0223, Public Restroom Facility Installation and Promotion Act of 2017; discussion and possible vote on the Broad Branch Market’s application to renew its Type B liquor license (License Number ABRA-081331), presentation by Celeste Duffie, Department of Public Works, on leaf collection program, recyclables, and Zero Waste initiative

If you aren’t able to attend the ANC’s public meeting, you may submit your written comments via ANC 3/4G’s website (

Note:  Police representatives of PSA 201 may attend and are invited to speak.

3G01 – Abraham Clayman                 3G05 – Jerry Malitz
3G02 – Chanda Tuck-Garfield            3G06 – Dan Bradfield
3G03 – Randy Speck                    3G07 – Chris Fromboluti
3G04 – Rebecca Maydak